Granite Countertops.

The highest quality, most durable, even textured granite countertops are available from Monarch in all of these styles.

Our stone work is completed using the best grade of stone, offering many advantages. Higher grade stone generally has a more uniform look than lower grades, giving a more refined and clean finished presentation.

Granite countertops also increase the value of your home!

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Granite, coarse-grained igneous rock composed primarily of quartz and feldpar, is prized for its light colors and even texture. The feldspar content determines the grey or pink hues. It often contains traces of mica, as well as many possibilites of other minerals.

It is believed to have solidified from molten rock (magma) under pressure, yet some granite shows signs of metamorphism as well as sedimentation.

Some granites are the oldest known rocks on earth, and others have formed during newer geologic periods. Granite crystallizes below the surface, and is exposed by the erosion of upper layers of the earth's surface. Pegmatite, a very coarse-grained granite often contains valuable gemstones when quarried.

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